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“We but mirror the world. All the tendencies present in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body. If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. This is the divine mystery supreme. A wonderful thing it is and the source of our happiness. We need not wait to see what others do.” 

Mahatma Gandhi



Annalisa Tiranti is a creative soul who started her career as an interior designer. Her art has always found inspiration in nature: its shapes, colours, textures.

Although passionate about her job and eager to keep on learning, Annalisa soon starts feeling a sense of unsatisfaction and realizes how her creativity shouldn't be chained to one single type of expression but rather let free to find other ways out.

The need of implementing her ethical choices into daily life together with the urge of using her energy to help others, brings her throughout the years closer and closer to the practice of yoga.

After several years of practicing with different teachers, Annalisa finally found new inspiration at the Jivamukti Centre in London. She decided to join the teacher training at its very source, in the United States. Studying with Sharon Gannon and David Life, founders of the Jivamukti method, was like completing a puzzle. She felt everything was falling in the right place.

Thanks to the support of her loved ones she committed to teaching yoga full time. In 2018 Annalisa, driven by her sense of growth, felt the need to embark on a new journey. Inspired by the generosity and compassionate lifestyle of Cat and Phil Douglas, she completed her second teacher training at Sangye' School.

Annalisa is deeply grateful to all the teachers who have shaped her to be the person who is now. Practising and teaching yoga for her is not only another form of profession but it is a way of living. She is fully committed to experience this life as the best version of herself in order to pass this on, and on... Only then can we bring our positive contributions to our planet Earth.


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JIVA means individual soul, MUKTI means liberation. Jivamukti from sanskrit translate as liberation while living. The revelation that blew Annalisa’s mind, was discovering the existence of a path towards a life without suffering.

The Jivamukti method is an integrated practice that blends the physical, philosophical, and the spiritual together. Whichever is your cultural, religious, philosophical background Annalisa loves enhancing our similarities and common grounds rather than our differences. 

Annalisa throughout the course of the years developed a method anchored in the tradition of yoga with a modern twist. She encourages self exploration by investigating the deep feelings of the body to reach the hidden potential within. 

Each class emphasises the importance of practicing with an elevated intention. They include chanting, breath awareness, creative sequences, alignment exploration, relaxation, and meditation.

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